How will digital twins make high-quality cardiac treatment more accessible? NTT embraces pioneering technologies to improve human health and wellness. Hear from global experts about the potential of digital-twin technology to revolutionize and individualize treatment for cardiac health and more, while also contributing to a sustainable world.

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Toward A Better Us

NTT Group’s updated Global Sustainability Charter recognizes the urgent need to collaborate, innovate and move toward a highly connected society that embraces diverse cultures.

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Technology For Individual Health And Wellbeing

Learn why good health and wellbeing are essential to sustainable development

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Technology For Net Zero Goals

How are organizations prioritizing people and the planet alongside profit?

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Putting People And The Planet First

By putting sustainability at the heart of their strategy and collaborating with pioneers in other industries, purpose-driven organizations like NTT can help to solve the world’s biggest challenges

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Embracing the Opportunities

It’s natural to respond to the threat of disruption with fear, but it is also possible to develop constructive ways to find radical innovations of your own.

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Public Safety

Data and analytics are crucial for the creation of smart cities, and can accelerate urban development while improving safety and quality of life for residents and workers.

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Seeking Inspiration from Silicon Valley

Today’s biggest innovation challenges require talent from across the world, and diverse perspectives, as technology giant NTT has learned.

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Reshaping Our World

Leveraging our technology expertise, NTT is protecting frontline hospitals from cyberattacks. NTT believes in the power of technology to positively contribute to society.

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Rethink The Traditional

How we live, learn and work is undergoing profound change, and technology is moving fast to facilitate that. Practical digital transformation is what we must focus on now.

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How Digital Tools Are Improving Global Health

Digital technologies are providing valuable tools to tackle global health crises from Covid-19 to dementia and heart disease.

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Tech for Good

Contributing to society is not a new concept for NTT, the Japanese global technology and business solutions company – for over a century – it has considered it a duty to serve the tax-paying public who supported it.

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Delivering the Next Level

The world of global business is changing faster than ever before. Find out what makes NTT equipped for the challenges ahead, and how is the company positioned to take themselves and their clients to the next level.