Improving Prosperity
for all people and cultures

Working to raise ethical standards in business and develop innovations that enable equal opportunities for all

A Quick Summary

Improving Prosperity for all People and Cultures

In NTT, we are working to raise ethical standards in business and develop innovations that enable equal opportunities for all. We have three main focus areas: establishing shared ethical standards, prepare for a new future with the power of technology, moving toward a safe, secure and resilient society.


Technology for Good

Trust is a Must: Pioneering Technology in Ethics

Rapidly developing, transformational technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have the potential to drive fundamental change. But in the wrong hands, they could prove to be damaging and harmful.

Three Areas of Focus

Establishing shared ethical standards

We set a range of initiatives to establish high ethical standards for ourselves and share them with our business partners while promoting appropriate risk management

Prepare for a new future with the power of technology

NTT is moving to a recycling-oriented company, in line with its commitment to sustainability, promoting effective use of resources from procurement through to disposal.

Moving toward a safe, secure and resilient society

We are working to optimize our technology to achieve a more resilient society, keeping people safe from epidemics, natural disasters, and cyber-attacks.

Business Case

Better technology for more
sustainable data centers

With more than 100 data centers in 20 countries around the world, NTT is constantly thinking about new ways to create efficiency and better utilize energy and improve the way we work for our clients and the environment.


Let's talk: Sustainability

Coaching Against Violent Conflict

It is a tragic fact that trauma in childhood creates lasting psychological issues.

Let's talk: Sustainability

Getting Back from Giving Back

Nathan Hart is a firm advocate in the value of volunteering; you could even say it runs in his blood.

Let's talk: Sustainability

Enabling Resilience in the Elderly

Gaurav is a committed volunteer – the list of organizations and charities he works with is endless! Five months ago, Gaurav began volunteering with a new charity called The New Charis Mission (TNCM).

Let's talk: Sustainability

The Gift of Giving at Christmas

Every year at NTT DATA Munich something rather special takes place. The opportunity for employees to make a children’s wish come true. The project invites our NTT DATA colleagues to support local communities and families or children in need.

Discover the 10 NTT Commitments to Prosperity

Here are some business initiatives to maximize positive social impact.


Establishing high ethical standards

Managing business risk



Corporate governance and compliance

Sharing ethical standards with partners



Promoting the B2B2X model

Protection model of intellectual property



Revitalization of local economies

Stability and reliability of services



Security and personal information protection

New working styles


Setting high ethical standards

NTT has established detailed ethical standards for all employees and partners ensuring full adherence to our Corporate Ethics Policy at all times. Established a Corporate Ethics Committee reporting to the Board of Directors

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Managing business risk

Every employee takes responsibility for ensuring compliance with NTT’s corporate standards and adheres to managing exposure to risk.

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Governance and compliance conduct

NTT is strengthening its corporate governance, to better manage and monitor corporate governance and tax, holding ourselves accountable to our promises.

Ethical business partnerships

Promoting a fair and competitive business environment, NTT wants to ensure its business partners meet the same high ethical standards we set ourselves.

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Promoting B2B2X

NTT will work collaboratively with partners to help bring new technology solutions to market. Creating new solutions for the digital future through a new business model called B2B2X, we will focus on helping to solve social issues.

Intellectual Property Rights

Through continuous innovation NTT is committed to maintaining competitive advantage while licensing technologies that contribute to society. We will continue to protect our intellectual property through patents and licensing policies for purposes of trust.

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Economic Revitalization

We will bring technology solutions to help resolve societal challenges unique to each country, including the aging population, fair and equal access to education, equitable healthcare, regional economic development.

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Service stability and reliability

By supporting the vital infrastructure of a digitized society, we will make use of our technology to keep people safe and secure from epidemics and natural disasters. NTT continues to improve its ability to ensure continued connectivity across Japan in times of disruption.

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Information security and protection

By redoubling our commitment to digital security, we will reinforce our determination to protect people’s personal data, helping to achieve a more digital resilient society and ensure the protection of ICT infrastructure.

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New working styles

We are embracing the new remote work paradigm in a post-pandemic world by upgrading our IT environments, reviewing our systems for areas of improvement, and advancing the digital workplace.

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