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and the fan experience

Data analytics and events, a winning
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Every step your players take is a precious piece of information. Every corner of your stadium is producing valuable data. All your matches, concerts and fans also deliver facts that can be useful. Bringing this all together creates a whole new era for the entertainment industry.

How can your venue benefit
from NTT Smart Solutions?

Create a positive impact for attendees

Unlock new revenues opportunities for your events

Improve safety and security for your visitors

Revolutionize the visitor experience

Data can cover all your venue needs

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#Enhanced Missing Person

The system automatically finds a specific person through face recognition technology.

#Enhanced Occupancy Control

The system detects current and future area occupancy (for example, live gate-entry rates, queue length status, and unexpected crowds detected).


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Fan Experience

#Enhance Personalized Viewing

Users can be constantly and closely monitoring their favorite athlete or team. We offer a deep emotional connection and a new way to experience the game.

#Enhanced Sport Statistics

The system collects data from the game and presents it through animated infographics in a very impressive way.


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Sustainability and
Smart Venues

Today, events and tourism industry are sensitive to the needs of the host communities, visitors, and our living planet. NTT Smart Solutions bring the technology to offer an exclusive eco-friendly experience that minimizes environmental impacts.

Smart Venues promote green values and contribute to reducing water waste and plastic products.

Driving innovation in

Smart technology enhances fan experience to achieve maximum engagement.

Our wide range of solutions helps your venue
go further

Smart City & Parks

Evolving into a more sustainable and safer city

Smart Transportation

Accelerating safe and efficient movement of persons and goods

Smart Sustainability

A data-driven approach for your sustainability journey

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How Data From Venues can Enhance Visitor Experience, Sustainability and Revenues

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