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Accelerating SMART across industries is a great challenge. You need to plan complex infrastructure, but at the same time you need to take care of the smallest detail. Every sensor, every decision, every element of the chain is crucial. That’s why NTT engage with the best partners around the world to scale our innovation and capabilities. Because business are better together.

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In order to offer a holistic support for our clients, our partner ecosystem is always growing with new allies from multiples areas.

#Technology engagement

Innovation is not a solo performance. Every day, NTT engage with the best technology leaders to jointly explore new and disrupting ways.

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Getting the best
with the best

#Go-to-market enablers

Thanks to our go-to-market network, we can meet new clients across the world, always finding the right organization to deploy a Smart Project.

NTT accelerates SMART across all sectors - like healthcare, sports, transportation, and more-. Therefore, we team-up with experts that can help us deliver the right solutions to solve specific challenges.

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