Leading to higher productivity
and improved worker safety

It's time to embrace Industry 4.0

Every day your factory produces a massive amount of information that you might not be taking advantage of. Collecting and crunching this data will help you make more informed decisions. The Smart Revolution will change the world as deeply as the Industrial Revolution changed it.

Trust in analytics and Big Data and run your plant better.

How can manufacturers benefit
from NTT Smart Solutions?

Improve your worker safety

Improve understanding of worker's behavior

Enhance management efficiently

Generate cost savings

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Smart Space

#Enhanced Asset and Resource Monitoring

The system monitors PPE parameters (Personal Protective Equipment Monitoring) in the factory, providing constant and non-invasive supervision.

#Enhanced Yellow Lines

The system detects people trespassing on yellow lines and entering restricted areas. Real-time information makes it possible to handle risky situations very efficiently.


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Sustainability and
Smart Manufacturing

Manufacturers have a social responsibility to be sustainable, both in operations and in designing products. While sustainable operations can improve environmental impact, it also creates value in manufacturing and supply chain management.

Smart Manufacturing produces less pollution, emission and waste meanwhile increase energy efficiency.

Our wide range of solutions helps your manufacturing
go further

Smart Sustainability

A data-driven approach for your sustainability journey

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