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Digital Transformation
reaches University of
California Berkeley

Data and smart technologies improve mobility and campus experience.

Shaping a connected campus

The University of California, Berkeley, is famous for its spirit of innovation and leadership. That’s why it decided to take a step into the future by engaging in partnership with NTT Smart Solutions. Together, they have delivered digital innovations to the campus and built a connected pilot project to stay on top of emerging trends in parking and transportation.

As part of this pilot, NTT and Dell Technologies implemented smart IoT, advanced monitoring technology, and data analytics solutions, such as real-time alerts and traffic statistics. Thanks to this quantifiable data, in a very short period of time UC Berkeley achieved a better understanding that helped prevent traffic congestion and increase pedestrian safety in the Bancroft Way area of the campus.

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This is just the beginning

Following the success of the initial pilot, UC Berkeley, NTT, and Dell Technologies plan to extend it and potentially add additional locations and use cases, exploring the endless possibilities that a Connected Campus can offer, including safety, crowd control, traffic, and facilities management.

Together we enable a smarter world

Smart CITY


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