We engage with true relationships that are long term and committed

Together with you, we deliver innovations that help solve your greatest challenges today and create the opportunities of the future. We believe listening and acting with trust, integrity and commitment make us your most reliable partner.

Our Dynamic Loop – The Heart of NTT


Designed and imagined in 1985, the Dynamic Loop is the belief system that permeates who we are. Our co-innovation approach will accelerate your digital transformation and enable new disruptive business models.

The small inner loop represents our commitment to always listen to the needs of people, clients and communities. That is at the center of our values of trust, integrity and authentic partner.

The larger infinite loop represents our ability to connect those voices and needs to technology and innovations on a continuous basis.

The proportions of the loop are based on the mathematical results of the Golden Ratio, a formula that is visible in many perfect examples of nature.

The dynamic loop defines us as a human company that is truly useful to the world, always thinking about the future and contributing to society.