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NTT Group History

The first telegraph service is started in Tokyo and Yokohama, laying the groundwork for all future NTT endeavors.
Following that, in 1890, the first telephone service is started in Tokyo and Yokohama, creating the infrastructure for future communications technology in Japan.
The Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation is established. Work immediately began on the building of a nationwide telephone architecture aiming to eliminate waiting lists and 100% automatic connection for all.
NTT shows the future of communication by exhibiting a video-telephone connecting Osaka with Tokyo and a wireless telephone at the Japan World Exhibition.
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation is privatized. The NTT "Dynamic Loop" logo is first unveiled, and the corporate identity of constantly innovating and putting clients, people and society at the heart of the business is put in place.
NTT DATA is launched to create new value for clients and society by leveraging information technology.
NTT advocated VI&P, the vision that aimed for global a telecommunication society, which influenced the "information superhighway" concept created by Al Gore.
NTT DOCOMO, INC is launched, establishing the company as a leader of mobile network operations.
NTT announced its "Basic Concepts of Multimedia", part of NTT's plan to create an easy-to-use internet service. These basic concepts were the base for Open Computer Network (OCN), which launched in 1996.
Three new subsidiaries are created and launched:
NTT EAST and NTT WEST, which divided all local telecommunication operations in Japan.
NTT Communications, which handled NTT's international business.
Copyrighted by NTT DOCOMO, INC. The original 176 Emoji that had been added to The Museum of Moder Art © Collection.
The world’s first cell phone IP connection service, "i-mode" is developed. This lead to the creation of Emoji which revolutionized communication across the globe for years to come.
NTT EAST and NTT WEST introduce "Fiber To The Home", the world's first fiber-optic communication system, through the service, giving greater stability, speed, and flexibility for the future of the Internet.
NTT launched its first cloud-based service, giving corporations more choice when looking to grow their company through cloud services.
Dimension Data
NTT acquires Dimension Data (now NTT Ltd.) to boost its presence in Africa, South America, and the Middle East, helping transform NTT into a truly global company.
NTT also acquired Keane (now NTT DATA Services) to implement their IT services for customers in the U.S., while also providing their global SAP service capabilities.
Dell Services
NTT Security
NTT DATA acquires Dell Services (now NTT DATA Services) extending the organization's brand and IT leadership around the world, giving a higher capacity to deliver insights, solutions, and outcomes to lead to further success for clients.
NTT Security (now NTT Ltd.) is launched, specializing in and acting as the center of security for NTT Group.
Announced commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Utilizing ICT and know-how to help transform our world.
NTT announced its mid-term strategy which aims to achieve global competitiveness, and launched NTT, Inc. The newly formed Inc brought together the talents, diverse skills, and global management experience from all across the NTT family.
NTT Ltd. is launched, integrating NTT Brands worldwide including Dimension Data, NTT Security, and NTT Communications (outside Japan). Employing 40,000 people over 70 countries, NTT Ltd. provides world-leading global technology and managed services.
In December 2019, NTT joined “The Valuable 500,” an international initiative to promote the participation in the business of people with disabilities. Being in accordance with the purposes of The Valuable 500, NTT promotes its initiatives.
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