Innovation for a
Sustainable Future

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Innovating the Future of
People and the Planet

The greatest innovations come from being able to reimagine the future. At NTT, innovation is a part of our culture. We are constantly transforming businesses for success, enabling change for good and shaping a better society in which we can all live and work. We make the kind of transformative breakthroughs that enable a more naturally connected and sustainable future.

Sustainability is becoming integral to business strategy as organizations recognize its role in maintaining competitive edge, boosting reputation and preparing for the future. Technology serves as its core enabler by highlighting inefficiencies, reducing human error, driving waste reduction and building robust supply chains through circular systems.
Download WallStreet Journal report “The Future of Sustainable Technology”

IOWN. Turning Science Fiction Into Science Fact

To realize the potential of the digital age to transform our lives, we need a new digital infrastructure fast and sustainable. IOWN moves beyond electronics to embrace photonic technologies and approaches and enable a sustainable, secure, connected and immersive future for all.

IOWN Acceleration

R&D Forum 2023

Every year NTT’s R&D team opens its doors in Tokyo, Japan, to its clients, employees, partners and guests to showcase the innovations they are developing. Discover more about the next internet known as Innovative Optical and Wireless Networks (IOWN). Learn about applications of IOWN like remote construction, artificial photosynthesis or the application of Tsuzumi, the large language model that NTT is developing, as well as other ways in which NTT is working to innovate for a better and brighter future.


Innovation for a future society

Innovation Centers

Take a glimpse inside NTT Innovation Centers, where a synergy of human expertise, creativity, and state-of-the-art technology is seamlessly applied to address tangible business challenges in the real world.


Quintbridge, a laboratory for social change

Explore the innovative Quintbridge space in Osaka, Japan, operated by NTT West, fostering open collaboration. From casual interactions to project-based work or business expansion, this open innovation hub welcomes diverse members and contributes to a better future.


A Visit to the Atsugi R&D Center

NTT has seven R&D labs located across Japan. At the R&D center in Atsugi, NTT focuses on science and core technologies, devices and communication. Two of the latest innovations NTT is working on in this lab are artificial photosynthesis and eco-friendly disposable batteries.


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