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Innovation with purpose for the trusted digital future

Find out why people and the planet are becoming more important in business.


A data-driven approach for your sustainability journey.

Discover the innovative data analytics solution that helps you track your environmental footprint.


What are leaders in sustainability doing to be more effective?

Companies are being proactive to align business objectives with building a sustainable future.


Facing the challenges of today and tomorrow

Discover how NTT Smart City & Parks Solutions can drive urban resilience, sustainability, and citizen wellbeing.


The Sustainability Transformation

Transforming towards a sustainable business model with a focus on the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit is crucial in the fight against climate change.


Learn about NTT Ltd Sustainability Ambition

How our people and technologies are powering sustainable solutions the world over.


How Social Return on Investment Can Improve Sustainability

The SROI framework can help organizations incorporate the hard-to-quantify benefits into project financial assessments.


NTT Global Survey: Sustainability is improving the bottom line for 44% of organizations

Read our program press release with the highlights of the report created in partnership with Thought Lab.



WSJ TechLive | Employees and Corporate Sustainability

Employees wanting to get involved in sustainability are a key component to success creating a collective action group that can serve as advocates for positive change. Listen to what NTT is doing to engage its employees as it embarks on its sustainability journey.


WSJ TechLive | Addressing Sustainability Through Technology

Technology foresight enables us to think about how we can address sustainability through digital innovations while monitoring the progress and change over time. Hear more about how NTT is starting this journey through data capture as part of the NTT Smart World portfolio.


WSJ TechLive | Addressing the Issue of Corporate Sustainability through Technology

Technological innovations are increasingly important in helping to address some of the challenges posed by our changing world and climate. Find out how NTT is developing new technology solutions and encouraging employees to take action to address the problem.


Sustainability through Intelligence: E-REDES, Portugal

Pionering in innovation for the electricity sector. Using AI for optimizing and securing vegetation management. Creating harmony between energy production and the natural world.


Sustainability through Trust: Tecopesca, Ecuador

Ancestral fishing tradition combined with state-of-the-art technology. Building trust into supply chains and its traceability. The role of blockchain from giving confidence to the consumer.


Sustainability through Insights: Banca Mediolanum, Italy

Global sustainability values for the digital banking era. Promoting sustainable stakeholder behavior. Human ability as a main focus of sustainable energy.


Bio Digital Twins are improving heart health

NTT is enabling the power of digital twins to personalize cardiac treatment, making it more accessible and precise. Watch this video and discover how we are transforming traditional health and wellbeing.


Digital Doppelgänger

NTT Research‘s MEI Lab (Medical and Health Informatics) is exploring how bio digital twin technology can be useful in predicting and diagnosing disease and illness in virtual scenarios before application to real world settings. The cardiovascular digital twin is only the first step towards a fully realized bio digital twin.