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A BRAND-NEW PODCAST to reshape the future

NTT has brought together some of the industry’s brightest brains to untangle the great challenges in health and wellbeing. Listen to our podcast to explore cutting-edge innovations and get ready to discover new and inspiring perspectives.

You Are the Future of Health
Dr. Mike Petersen ft. Frank Cutitta
The individual stands at the center of the future of health and wellbeing. In this episode, Dr. Michael Petersen (VP of Consulting and Chief Clinical Innovation Officer, NTT DATA Services) and Frank Cutitta (CEO and Founder, HealthTech Decisions Lab) explore the new technologies enabling the personalization of healthcare, the benefits of such individualization and the challenges we still face in achieving this future service model.
The Cyber Battle to Protect Your Health
Craig Hinkley ft. Beau Woods
Providing cutting-edge healthcare services relies on ever-advancing digital technologies; but, for most digital technologies, cybersecurity breaches remain a constant threat. And in the evolving healthcare sphere, failure to defend against cyberthreats can have deadly consequences. In this episode, Craig Hinkley(CEO, NTT Application Security) is joined by Beau Woods (Senior Advisor, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) to discuss how healthcare systems can ensure their vital technologies can remain secure if proper precautions are taken.
Trust and Trustworthiness
Healthcare for Whom?
Lisa Esch ft. Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick
The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted an ever-present truth: individuals do not experience healthcare equally. In this episode, Lisa Esch (Senior Vice President, NTT DATA Services) and Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick (Founder and CEO, Grapevine Health) highlight the technology-driven solutions that will enable equitable healthcare access for all.
The Evolving Workspace
Alex Bennett ft. Kevin Mulcahy
The continuing COVID-19 pandemic has shattered the common conception of the “workplace.” In this episode, Alex Bennett (Global Senior Vice President, GTM Solutions, NTT Ltd.) and Kevin Mulcahy (Co-Author, “The Future Workplace Experience”) examine the implications of our workspaces’ digital transformation on productivity, collaboration, and professional satisfaction.
Bringing Healthcare Home
Edoardo Tealdi ft. Dr. Richard Swafford
Are physician house calls truly a relic of the past? Two NTT DATA Services experts, Vice President of Digital Edoardo Tealdi and Industry Consulting Director Dr. Richard Swafford, examine how the COVID-19 pandemic enabled technological innovations that made it easier than ever for some to receive health examinations without leaving the house. Though obstacles to accessibility remain, advances in tele-health and care bundling create an exciting path forward for bringing healthcare home.
Centering Employee Wellness
Michaela Voller ft. KN Murali
Each of us faces a multitude of professional difficulties throughout our career, from task-based challenges to interpersonal disputes. As our professional and personal work lives become more entwined, the stress of each begins to exponentiate. In this episode, Michaela Voller (Chief Human Resources, Dimension Data) and KN Murali (Senior Director of Human Resources and Administration, NTT Ltd.) explore questions related to employee health and wellbeing, including: What do professional leaders need to know about employee health needs today? What is an employer’s role in bolstering the wellness of its employees? And how does an organization determine the unique health needs of its specific workers?

THE PATH to better health and wellbeing continues to EVOLVE