ForeSight Voice Mining

The vision of the Business Process Outsourcing division of NTT is to deliver an enhanced employee and customer experience. They turned to NTT-TX’s ForeSight Voice Mining technology to help support their vision and strengthen their position as a strategic business partner to their clients.

As part of its commitment to customers, NTT continuously looks for ways to engage employees and deliver an enhanced customer experience. Foresight ensures Agents have the support they need to allow them to focus on connecting with the customer during the call, deliver consistent messages, improve first call resolution and drive a better overall experience.

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“We view Foresight as a fundamental differentiator that can help us enhance our value proposition, and it is a major driver in our growth”

— Christine Barr, CEO, Business Process Outsourcing division of NTT Ltd.


Hybrid work environment and higher expectations of Agent

Over the past few years, operating models have had to evolve to support Agents working remotely. In addition, there is an expectation that Agents will manage more complex interactions while connecting with the customer and delivering an exceptional CX.

Foresight provides real-time assistance to Agents and Team Leads (TL) to support the new operating environment. It transcribes the conversation, measures customer sentiment, and presents relevant knowledge articles to Agents all in real time and based on the actual conversation. The result is a consistent message, improved first call resolution & overall higher customer satisfaction/NPS.

Additionally, the tool offers a live seat map that mimics a physical contact center floor and allows Team Leads to monitor their team in real time. Alerts for escalated matters or caller dissatisfaction allows the TL to proactively offer support to the agent in real time via the chat function.


NTT chose ForeSight Voice Mining (hereinafter “ForeSight”) technology to help support its agents. The tool provided by NTT TX drives an enhanced employee and customer experience by leveraging advance AI technologies that provide real-time information to guide agents through client interactions:

  • The Real Time seat map mimics a physical contact center floor. Team Leads can proactively monitor for escalations and customer sentiment and interact directly with the Agent for support
  • The tool recognizes “human to human” conversations between customers and Agents, understands contact center specific words and recommends knowledge articles to Agents based on those key words.


  • ForeSight can guide the call flow and present relevant knowledge articles based on the actual script leading to improvement in AHT, FCR and Repeat Calls
  • Team Leads can proactively respond to escalations as they are automatically alerted of a potential escalation and can connect with the Agent in real time to provide support and recommend appropriate solutions to a customer’s problem.
  • Agents feel more supported in a hybrid world, allowing them to focus on connecting with the customer and having more meaningful conversations.
  • New hires have more support and come up the learning curve faster