Ensuring healthcare for all

Access to quality healthcare is an essential aspect of daily life. Technology offers improved quality by digitizing patient records and keeping them updated, providing more information for doctors and a smoother experience for patients.

The Ministry of Health of Córdoba is tasked with looking after the healthcare of the province's citizens. The Ministry worked with ehCOS to help complete its goal.

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“We started the digitization of clinical records and we can say there has been a great improvement, which makes things easier for the health professionals and the rest of the team, including the administrative department.”

— Liliana Asis, Director of the Maternal Neonatal Hospital


Córdoba Province, Argentina, is home to over 3.5 million people. The Ministry of Health of Córdoba makes sure that these people have access to quality healthcare. To become a reality, it is critical to always keep the healthcare system up to date. Technology can achieve this and improve the efficiency, safety, and quality of services provided to patients. More specifically, the patient can be put at the center of the system by digitizing and putting electronic health records in place.


The Ministry of Health of Córdoba joined forces with ehCOS to implement "Sí Salud" into their healthcare system. "Sí Salud" helps keep the Ministry's 18 primary, 43 secondary, provincial tertiary hospitals and care centers up to date. "Sí Salud" is a comprehensive and integrated hospital management solution that modernizes administrative, care and management processes. The solution is based upon best-in-class international clinical practices and local regulations, ensuring high-quality help. Using this solution digitizes all provincial hospitals to provide the utmost care to patients and enhance their hospital experience. 


When a medical procedure occurred, the patient's record updates with their new health information, which any medical team in the province can access. "Sí Salud" also provides patients with the tools to access their diagnoses, lab and imaging exam results and schedule appointments at any time or any place from their mobile phones. Hospital staff spend less time on administrative duties and have reduced costs from avoiding duplication in diagnostic tests.