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Hirschmann Automotive worked with NTT to create an Augmented Reality (AR) program to connect its global network of experts for instant problem-solving.

Hirschmann Automotive was looking to enhance its unified collaborative environment to link technicians at production facilities with experts worldwide anytime, anywhere.

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“Using augmented reality will allow us to reduce downtime, tap into our pool of global experts faster and reduce our environmental impact, all vitally important at this time”

— Bernhard Bösch, Head of IT Operations, Hirschmann Automotive


Hirschmann Automotive is a leader in the automotive industry, with over 60 years of experience and operations spanning the globe. Building on the existing relationship with NTT, Hirschmann wanted to enhance its unified collaborative environment further.

The current environment was cloud-based; workers could interact anytime, anywhere and on any device. Further enhancements could better align their IT and OT, office workers and production workers, allowing teams to interact, collaborate in real-time, share thoughts and have whiteboard sessions. Updating functionality also greatly reduces travel costs as experts are no longer required on-site to fix a problem.


An augmented reality solution means incidents are resolved remotely. The wearable augmented reality Dataglasses RealWear HMT-1 met the requirements offering integration into the existing collaboration environment.

Dataglasses combined with Cisco Webex Expert on Demand to create a powerful collaboration tool.

Experts anywhere in the world now instantly share their knowledge and experience to diagnose and resolve problems, while on-site technicians take care of the physical part of the job.

Teams can combine this knowledge to create a database of solutions containing video, workflow diagrams and assembly drawings.


The results of the combination of AR and Cisco Webex Expert are incredibly effective.

If a machine in China is down, but the expert best to fix is in Austria, they become aware instantly and can resolve the issue remotely. Before this solution, it would have taken several days before they could physically get to the machine.

The AR solution offers multiple uses, including HR training purposes, design work in VR, or modeling new products before creating physical prototypes.

The creation of the knowledge database is also used when an expert was unavailable, further speeding up solving issues.

Leveraging these technologies reflects Hirschmann’s desire for constant innovation and bringing their global company closer together.